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Welcome to PILIPINAS KALAPATI CLOCKING powered by MAVC Clocking System...

offers an sms and electronic clocking which can use on pigeon racing in the Philippines. Our service is aim to give best effort to help all the pigeon club organization here in the Philippines to give the fair and honest race result. As of now we are the cheapest cost compare in other clocking system in our country, and yet we are giving a good service in our client.

As we progress we already develop a web clocking which can be use of those player with internet connection at home.And the latest product which is the Electronic Clocking. E-Clock is aim to help those player which not able to monitor the training on their pigeon and the most important is to secure the race result of our pigeon during race.

As a clocking provider we will never stop to develop a new way on how we will improve our system on pigeon racing. Currently we are aiming to develop a program which can be run in our mobile phone. Once the application is finished we will rollout the product to help our pigeon fancier to secure the race result of our pigeon. As we all know sms clocking is non-stable clocking since we are using wireless technology which affected by different factor like Telecom maintenance, SMS network traffic and Weather Condition.

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